Modals Quiz 15

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Modals Quiz 15

#1. We --------------- get a visa before we --------------- go to Bulgaria.

Answer : c) have to/can

#2. The weather is awful again today. Let's look in the newspaper. There --------------- a good film showing at the cinema.

Answer : d) might be

#3. When it was completed, the Eiffel Tower --------------- the tallest building in the world, but now there are many others which are taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Answer : d) was

#4. You --------------- for the cocktail party after the conference if you are worried about arriving home late.

Answer : b) don’t have to stay

#5. I'd rather --------------- the match on television than here in the pouring rain. I'm sure we'll all catch a cold!

Answer : e) be watching

#6. Apparently, the man across the road --------------- his car after all because he took down the for-sale sign a week ago and he is still driving to work.

Answer : e) is keeping

#7. I think Victoria --------------- to the party, although she really wants to, because she is flying to Paris the next day and has to pack her things.

Answer : a) may not come

#8. I --------------- listening to pop music at all, but recently I have realised that I quite like certain pop songs.

Answer : a) didn’t use to enjoy

#9. --------------- I ask you a favour? --------------- you work on Thursday night this week instead of Friday night?

Answer : c) May/Could

#10. A: Well, I've got lots of great ideas, but I haven't written anything down yet. B: But you --------------- us a written outline of your section of the project today! A: Don't panic. I'll do it tomorrow.

Answer : d) were supposed to give

#11. Would you mind if I --------------- the secretary for half an hour, Mr Pitt? She has two thousand leaflets to send out.

Answer : b) helped

#12. When I lived in England, I --------------- Indian food several times a month, but here in Istanbul it's virtually impossible to find.

Answer : b) would eat

#13. They had their baby daughter in June and, since then, they --------------- in restaurants very often.

Answer : d) haven’t been able to eat

#14. A: I didn't think Paul and Sam were coming to the picnic. B: They --------------- their minds. A: Well, it's nice to see them again.

Answer : c) must have changed

#15. A: --------------- we paint the kitchen this weekend? B: We could, but I --------------- wait until the weather gets better because we'll have to open the windows.

Answer : d) Shall/would sooner

#16. You --------------- anything until after your operation. The nurses will tell you when it is all right.

Answer : d) mustn’t eat

#17. Would you mind --------------- your cigarette smoke in my face? It is getting on my nerves.

Answer : c) not blowing

#18. --------------- you take this screwdriver back to Mr Smith next door and thank him for lending it to us?

Answer : a) Will

#19. Isn't it great that Tim and Sue have given up smoking? They both --------------- too much.

Answer : a) used to smoke

#20. In parts of Africa women still--------------- water a long way to their villages.

Answer : d) have to carry




Modals Quiz 15

Modals Quiz 15

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Modals Quiz 15

Modals Quiz 15


Cellulose is indigestible by humans, but herbivores, such as cows and horses, ————— it because they retain it long enough for digestion by microorganisms present in their digestive systems.

a) can digest
b) have to digest
c) used to digest
d) have digested
e) ought to digest

Answer : a) can digest

You ————— all your holiday money on the first day. You will need some for the rest of the week.

a) didn’t use to spend
b) mustn’t spend
c) don’t spend
d) might not spend
e) haven’t spent

Answer : b) mustn’t spend

Using lasers to produce extremely short and repeatable pulses of light, today scientists ————— events happening in time intervals as short as l. trillionth of a second.

a) must have measured
b) were measuring
c) used to measure
d) may have measured
e) are able to measure

Answer : e) are able to measure

Living cells exist in a variety of shapes; for example, they ————— cube-shaped or flat.

a) may be
b) must be
c) were
d) have been
e) ought to be

Answer : a) may be

We ————— the football match on television yesterday, but we ————— because there was a power cut.

a) should be watching/may not
b) were supposed to watch/haven’t
c) were going to watch/couldn’t
d) had better watch/needn’t
e) were watching/aren’t

Answer : c) were going to watch/couldn’t

Oh no, look at the sign! We ————— here. These spaces are for doctors and emergency patients only.

a) needn’t have parked
b) won’t be parking
c) haven’t got to park
d) aren’t supposed to park
e) couldn’t have parked

Answer : d) aren’t supposed to park

You ————— your children some freedom; otherwise, they will resent you.

a) used to allow
b) must allow
c) have allowed
d) allow
e) are able to allow

Answer : b) must allow

It’s not easy learning Turkish at home. Do you think I ————— an evening course?

a) must have taken
b) have taken
c) should take
d) had to take
e) used to take

Answer : c) should take

refused to give my son any money for the ‘Mega Death’ sweatshirt he wants to buy, but I’m sure he’ll try to get some from his grandmother. I’d really rather she ————— him the money, because I don’t want him to wear such an awful thing.

a) didn’t lend
b) won’t lend
c) not to lend
d) not lending
e) had better not lend

Answer : a) didn’t lend

He ————— safety goggles, but he wasn’t land, as a result, the hot steel badly damaged his eyes.

a) could have been wearing
b) must have been wearing
c) had been wearing
d) should be wearing
e) ought to have been wearing

Answer : e) ought to have been wearing

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