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Complete these sentences with although, in spite of or despite.

1. __ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
2. __ all my careful plans, a lot of things went wrong.
3. __ I had planned everything carefully, a lot of things went wrong.
4. I love music __ I can’t play a musical instrument.
5. __ being very tired, we carried on walking.
6. The heating was full on, but __ this the house was still cold.
7. Keith decided to give up his job __ I advised him not to.
8. __ the light rain, the baseball game was not canceled.
9. She was still able to finish her assignment before class __ she was interrupted.
10. __ their quarrel, they are very good friends.
11. They arrived on time __ the delay.
12. Dick and Sarah are still planning to get married __ their disagreement.
13. __ the pills that are available, many people still have trouble sleeping.
14. Most people still prefer to travel by plane __ airfares increased greatly.

Ex. 1

1. Although 6. in spite of/despite 11. in spite of/Despite
2. In spite of/Despite 7. although 12. in spite of/Despite
3. Although 8. In spite of/Despite 13. In spite of/Despite
4. although 9. although 14. although
5. In spite of/Despite 10. In spite of/Despite


Write a new sentence with the same meaning. Use the word(s) in

Example: I couldn’t sleep although I was tired, ( despite ) — I couldn’t sleep despite
being tired, ( or despite the fact ( that ) I was tired ).
1. Although he’s got an English name, he is in fact German. (despite)
2. In spite other injured foot, she managed to walk to the village. (although)
3. I decided to accept the job although the salary was low. (in spite of)
4. We lost the match although we were the better team. (despite)
5. In spite of not having eaten for 24 hours, I didn’t feel hungry. (even though)
6. They have very little money. They are happy. (in spite of)
7. My foot was injured. I managed to walk to the nearest village. (although)
8. I enjoy the film. The story was silly. (in spite of)
9. We live in the same street. We hardly ever see each other. (despite)
10. I got very wet in the rain. I had an umbrella. (even though)


1. Despite his English name/ Despite having an English name/Despite the fact that he
has an English name …
2. Although she had an injured foot/Although her foot was injured …
3. … in spite of the low salary/… in spite of the salary being low/… in spite of the fact
that the salary was low …
4. … despite being the best team/ … despite the fact that we were the best team …
5. Even though I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours …
6. In spite of having very little money, they are happy.
7. Although my foot was injured …
8. I enjoyed the film in spite of the silly story/… in spite of the story being silly.
9. Despite living in the same street…
10. Even though I had an ambrella …



Choose the word or words that correctly complete the sentences below.

1. ( Although / Despite ) cats cannot see in complete darkness, their eyes are much more
sensitive to light than are humans’ eyes.
2. ( Although / In spite of ) its frightening appearance, the octopus is shy and completely
3. The northwestern part of Texas is called the Panhandle ( because / because of ) its
4. ( Although / Despite ) their light weight, aluminum alloys can be very strong.
5. ( Although / In spite o f) Adlai Stevenson was never elected President, he was one of
the preeminent American politicians of the mid-twentieth century.
6. ( Although / Despite ) it can occur in adults, chicken pox is classified as a disease of


1. Although 3. because of 5. Although
2. In spite of 4. Despite 6. Although



Fill in the blanks with one of the words from (A ) , (B ) , (C ) , or D ) .

1. It looked dark and heavy __ it was going to rain.
A ) althoughB ) unless

C ) as if

D ) whereas

2. __ I get your call, I will leave.
A ) As soon asB ) As though

C ) By the time

D ) Now that

3. __ he had read the instructions several times, he knew what to do.
A ) Whereas
B ) After
C ) Until
D ) While
4. __ he cannot afford a car, he rides a bicycle.
A ) Unless
B ) Whereas
C ) Though
D ) Because
5. __ the cities do not provide better and cheaper mass transport, the traffic problem will
get worse.
A ) So that
B ) Even though
C ) If
D ) Before
6. __ you go to Canada, you should visit Toronto.
A ) When
B ) As
C ) Since
D ) Unless
7. __ riding a bicycle is a good leg exercise, it does not use up a lot of calories.
A ) As
B ) Although
C ) Because
D ) So that
8. She turned off the record player __ she could study.
A ) now that
B ) even if
C ) so that
D ) in case


1. C 2. A 3. B 4.D 5. ? 6. A 7. ? 8. ?

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Problem Verbs

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