Sequence Of Tenses

Sequence Of Tenses

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Sequence Of Tenses Exercise -1

Sequence Of Tenses


Choose the correct form of the verb in these sentences.

1. The student wasn’t able to do the translation because he (not / know) some special terms.
2. I knew that Mercury (be) the closest planet to the Sun, but I didn’t feel like answering the question.
3. Mike hoped that his friend (help) him with his car.
4. We didn’t know the score, but we were sure their team (lose).
5. Yesterday Tom heard that his aunt (be ill) for five days.
6. The children were afraid of making any noise – Mom (sleep).
7. He gave all his money to me because he (trust) me.
8. We were told that Andrew (go) to enter that college.
9. The police found out that Bob Slant (live) in London’s suburbs at that time.
10. My parents decided that we (celebrate) my birthday on Saturday.
11. Ann hasn’t been informed that the lecture (not / take place) on Friday.


1. didn’t know 7. trusted
2. is 8. was going
3. would help 9. lived
4. had lost 10. would celebrate
5. had been ill 11. won’t take place
6. was sleeping

Sequence Of Tenses


Correct mistakes in these sentences.

1. He was among the few who want to continue working on the project.
2. It is an accepted custom for a man to open the door when he accompanied a woman.
3. She closed the door and harries away to class.
4. We receive several applications a day and with them had been copies of transcripts and degrees.
5. Mr. Davis tried to finish his research, but he found only part of the information that he needs.
6. Between one thing and another, Charles does not finish typing his paper last night.
7. In 1990, according to statistics from the Bureau of Census, the population of the US is 250,000,000.
8. We do not receive mail yesterday because it was a holiday.
9. Mary does not finish her homework in time to go with us to the football game yesterday afternoon.
10. Although there are only two hundred foreign students studying at State University in 1970, there are more than five hundred now.
11. We thought he is planning to go on vacation after the first of the month.
12. Nancy said that she went to the supermarket before coming home.


1. He is among …. 7…. was 250 000 000.
2. … he accompanies a woman. 8. We did not receive ….
3. … and hurried away. 9. Mary did not finish ….
4. … with them are copies …. 10.Although there were ….
5. … that he needed. 11.We thought he was planning ….
6. … Charles did not finish. 12…. that she had gone ….

Sequence Of Tenses



Correct mistakes in these sentences.

1. Abigail went into the furniture store and buys a mahogany chest for her bedroom.
2. After Sally chose the puppy, she takes it home in a doll’s baby buggy.
3. Tricia’s new lipstick lasts for nine hours, but it smelled and tasted like turpentine.
4. Regina never feels satisfied with what she does and wanted a better life for herself.
5. When Manny was in college, he wins his first orchid contest.
6. Luella will decide to drink bottled water after she tasted the tap water here.
7. After Maureen writes in her diary, she hid it in the secret drawer of her roll-top desk.
8. When Vicky retired, she starts belly-dancing lessons.
9. Brad can never remember telephone messages, but he had memorized hundreds of sports statistics.
10. Marlon’s lawn mower does not start on cold days unless he put it in a sunny spot for at least half an hour.


1. bought 3. lasted 5. won 7. wrote 9. has
2. took 4. wants 6. tastes 8. started 10. puts

Sequence Of Tenses


Most of the following sentences contain one mistake. Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. When I asked Joan about her work she said she had lost her job and is short of money.
2. Michael explained that he couldn’t come to the party because he was working that evening.
3. We had a great evening with Janet. She is telling about her fascinating trip to Kenya.
4. I’m sorry to bother you, but you did say to call if I was worried.
5. We were disappointed when the receptionist told that the hotel was fully booked that week.
6. The museum guard asked the visitors to not touch the exhibits.
7. The tour guide explained that the castle is only open on Tuesdays.
8. I thought that he is coming home.
9. A research scientist at State University reported that he finds a blood test to diagnose cancer.
10. When she told us that everything was ready, we went into the dining room and seated ourselves.
11 .They asked him if he will help us.
12. Professor Baker told his class that there 10,000 species of ferns.
13. They asked me what did happen last night, but I was unable to tell them.
14. I do not know where he could have gone so early in the morning.


1. F,… she had lost her job and was short of money. 8. F, … that he was coming home.
2. ? 9. F, … that he found a blood test…
3. F, She was telling us about her fascinating trip 10. T
4. T ferns. 11. F, … if he would help us.
5. F, … the receptionist told us that the 12. F, … that there are 10 000 species of ferns.
6. F, …visitors not to touch the exhibits. 13.F, … what happened the previous night
7. T 14.T

Sequence Of Tenses


Change the sentences using reported speech.

1. Where are you going?-asked Tom.
2. Where are you going to spend the holiday?- asked Mike.
3. What will you do when you leave school? -said Jenifer.
4. How did you know my name?- he nurse asked the doctor.
5. Do you have an appointment?- said the clerk.
6. Have you seen my car keys?- said Bernard to his wife.
7. Why didn’t Isabel call me?- asked her brother.
8. Will you carry my briefcase for me please, James?-said Richard.
9. When can I see the doctor?-Charles asked the receptionist.


1. Tom asked (me) where I was going.
2. Mike asked (me) where I was going to spend the holiday.
3. Jennifer asked (me) what I would do when I left school.
4. The nurse wanted to know how the doctor had known her name.
5. The clerk asked (me) whether/if I had an appointment.
6. Bernard wondered whether/if his wife had seen his car keys.
7. Isabel’s brother wanted to know why she hadn’t called him.
8. Richard asked James to carry his briefcase.
9. Charles asked the receptionist when he could see the doctor.