Negation True-False Quiz -1
Negation Quiz -1


Define whether the sentences are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. There isn’t no muscle in the body stronger than the tongue.
2. No insects have lungs.
3. Scarcely no train stations are larger than Grand Central Station in New York City.
4. I don’t have nothing in my purse, so I don’t care if it’s stolen.
5. Jerry never visited no place he liked better than home, so he finally started staying home most of the time.
6. I don’t think I should be expected to see a dog in a constellation made up of only two stars.
7. Exercise helps dieters lose fat, not muscle.
8. We will never accept no new production standards.
9. Many cats have hardly no tails.
10. He could not lend me $5 because he did not have only $3.
11.There were several of his friends at the restaurant, but none of mine came.
12. The rules required us to form an orderly line and to do not talk.
13. None of the shoes on sale fit me.
14. You are no going to finish the test in time.
15. Rarely does one see such a handsome man.



1. F, There isn’t any … 9. F, … have hardly anv tails.
2. ? 10. F, … because he had only $3.
3. F, Scarcely anv train station is … 11. ?
4. F, I don’t have anything … 12. F, … and not to talk.
5. F, Jerry never visited any … 13. ?
6. ? 14. F, You are not going to finish …
7. ? 15. ?
8. F, We will never accept anv new …



Define whether the sentences are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. He could not longer tolerate that situation.
2. There were not cheaper beds left at that furniture store.
3. The director told the chorus to sit down and not to whisper.
4. By the time I arrived, there was no birthday cake left.
5. He could not scarcely believe what I told him.
6. That couple has none children.
7. Do not go to the mountains without no sturdy hiking boots.
8. We were no interested in what they were selling.
9. No longer can the world afford to waste its natural resources.
10. He did not no good reason for hitting him.
11. If I were you I would no take that course.
12. The children could not hardly believe their eyes when they saw a giraffe for the first time.
13. They foolishly drove into the desert without any extra water.
14. There were none children in the playground.
15. He ran out of money and could no longer continue school.



1. F, ?? could n? longer … 9. ?
2. F, There were n? cheaper beds … 10. F, ?? did not have any good reason
3. T 11. F, … I would not take.
4. T 12. F, The children could hardly believe.
5. F, He could scarcely… 13. T
6. F, … has no children. 14. F, … no children
7. F, … without sturdy hiking boots. 15. T
8. F, We were not interested …



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