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Causative Verbs

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Answer the questions in the way shown.

1. Did Ann make that dress herself? — No, she had it made.
2. Did you cut your hair yourself? — No, I …………
3. Did they paint the house themselves? — No, they …………
4. Did Jim cut down that tree himself? — No, …………
5. Did Sue repair the car herself? — No, …………


2. No, I had it cut. 4. No, he had it cut down.
3. No, they had it painted. 5. No, she had it repaired.


Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form.

1. Are you going to make your daughter (to work) part time in the store this summer?
2. Let’s get some of our money (to exchange) for dollars.
3. They had their lawyer (to change) their will.
4. Would you let us (to borrow) your notes?
5. My teacher helped me (to get) this job.
6. I can’t seem to make this dishwasher (to run).
7. Nora got her mother’s wedding dress (to alter) so that it fit perfectly.
8. I like the way you had the beautician (to do) your hair.
9. Larry is so good-hearted, he lets people (to take) advantage of him.
10. Bob said that he would help us (to find) the place.
11. Patsy makes everyone (to do) his share around the house.
12. We will have to get someone (to fix) the phone right away.
13. We are going to have our car (to fix) before we go to Toronto.
14. Don’t let this (to bother) you.
15. This book should help you (to understand) the lecture.
16. It costs about sixty dollars to have a tooth (to fill).
1. work 6. run 11. do
2. exchanged 7. altered fix
3. change 8. do 13.fixed
4. borrow 9. take 14. bother
5. get/to get 10. find/to find 15. understand/ understand

Causative Verbs


Complete the sentences using the words in parentheses.

Example: We are having the house painted (the house / paint) at the moment.

1. Did ……….. (you / your hair / cut) last week?
2. Your hair is too long. I think you should ……….. (it / cut).
3. How often………..(you / your car / service)?
4. The engine in Tom’s car couldn’t be repaired, so he had to ……….. (a new engine / fit).
5. ……….. (you / your newspaper / deliver) or do you go to the shop yourself to buy it?
6. What are those workmen doing in your garden? — Oh, I ……….. (a swimming pool / build).
7. Can I see those holiday photographs you took? — I’m afraid not. I (not / the film / developed) yet.
8. Is it true that many years ago he ……….. (his portrait / paint) by a famous artist?
1…. have your hair cut… 5. Do you have your newspaper delivered?
2…. have it cut. 6….. am having a swimming pool built.
3…. do you have your car serviced? 7…. .haven’t had the film developed yet.
4…. have a new engine fit. 8 … . had his portrait painted …

Causative Verbs


Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses.

1. The doctor made the patient ……….. in bed. (stay)
2. Mrs. Crane had her house ………… (paint)
3. The teacher had the class ……….. a 2000-word research paper. (write)
4. I made my son ……….. the windows before he could go outside to play. (wash)
5. Don got some kids in the neighbourhood ……….. out his garage. (clean)
6. I went to the bank to have a check ………… (cash)
7. Tom had a bad headache yesterday, so he got his twin brother Tim ……….. to class for him. (go) The teacher didn’t know the difference.
8. My boss made me ……….. my report because he wasn’t satisfied with it. (redo)
9. Alice stopped at the service station to have the tank ………… (fill)
10. Peeling onions always makes me ………… (cry)
11. I got Mary ……….. me some money so I could go to a movie last night. (lend)
12. Mr. Fields went to a doctor to have the wart on his nose ………… (remove)
13. We had a professional photographer ……….. pictures of everyone who participated in our wedding. (take)
14. I spilled some tomato sauce on my suit coat. Now I need to get my suit ………… (clean)
1. stay 5. to clean 9. filled 13. take
2. painted 6. cashed 10. cry 14. cleaned
3. write 7. to go 11. to lend
4. wash 8. redo 12. removed

Causative Verbs


Replace the phrase underlined with the structure have something done.

Example: I didn’t recognise Sheila. The hairdresser’s dyed her hair. She’s had her hair

1. I’ve been getting a lot of annoying phone calls, so the telephone company is going to change my number.
2. Gabrielle broke her leg six weeks ago but she’s much better now. In fact the doctor should be taking the plaster off tomorrow.
3. Since Rowland made a lot of money, he’s not content with his little cottage, so an architect’s designed him a fine new house.
4. This room gets too hot when the sun shines so I’m getting someone to fit blinds on the windows.
5. I heard that Mrs Green didn’t trust her husband so she hired a detective to follow him!
6. We don’t really know what Shakespeare looked like. I wish he had asked someone to paint his portrait before he died.
7. My sister had always been self-conscious about her nose so she decided to go to a clinic for an operation which will straighten it.
1. … I’m going to have my number 5. … she had him followed.
2. … she should be having the plaster taken off…. 6. … he’d had his portrait painted ….
3. … he’s had a fine new house 7… to have it straightened. designed
4. … I’m having blinds fit on the
changed. windows.

Causative Verbs


Correct mistakes in these sentences.

1. She made the baby to take a nap.
2. Do you think we can get Karen takes us to San Diego?
3. Tom had a tooth fill.
4. Professor Baker let us to write a paper instead of taking a final exam.
5. Her husband always helps her that she does the laundry.
6. Professor Rogers didn’t make us typed up our lab reports.
7. I want to get the house paint before winter.
8. Have you had your temperature taking yet?
9. When I was learning to drive, my Dad let me using his car.
10. Don’t you help each other the study for tests?
11. When Cliff was sick with the flu, his mother made him to eat chicken soup and rest in bed.
1. … take ? ??? 7. … to get the house painted/
2. … to take us 8. … temperature taken
3. … a tooth filled 9. … let me use
4. … let us write 10. … to study/study
5. … helps her to do/do … 11. … made him eat
6. .. make us type


Most of the following sentences contain one mistake. Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. Jack got his dog to bring him slippers.
2. Jane was having her hair to cut when somebody called her.
3. Harry has had his sister typed the report.
4. Can you help me to pack my things?
5. Have you had your luggage registered yet?
6. It’s impossible to make my parents to tidy up my room.
7. Could you make your son be quiet?
8. My parents never let me coming back home late.
9. The teacher helped the students correct all the mistakes.
10.The Greens always let their children to see the New year in with them.
1. T 6. F, my parents tidy up
2. F, her hair cut 7. T
3. F, his sister type 8. F, let me come
4. T 9. T
5. T 10. F, let their children see

Causative Verbs Exercise

Causative Verbs Exercise -5

Instead of buying a new bicycle, why don’t you have your old one ————-?

a) to fix
b) fixing
c) fixed
d) fixes

Answer : c) fixed

Can you help me ————- my livingroom next weekend?

a) to paint
b) painting
c) painted
d) paint

Answer : a) to paint

My mom always makes me ———– my room on Saturday mornings.

a) to clean up
b) cleaning up
c) cleaned up
d) clean up

Answer : d) clean up

My little girl wants us to let her ————- overnight at her friend’s place.

a) to stay
b) staying
c) stayed
d) stay

Answer : d) stay

We had our landlord ————- the broken window.

a) to fix
b) fixing
c) fixed
d) fix

Answer : d) fix

We got the computer guy ————- the new software for us.

a) to install
b) installing
c) installed
d) install

Answer : a) to install

My friend lets me ————- his car sometimes.

a) to borrow
b) borrowing
c) borrowed
d) borrow

Answer : a) to borrow

I can help you ————- into your new apartment if you want.

a) to move
b) moving
c) moved
d) move

Answer : a) to move

Your car engine is making some strange sounds. Why don’t you have a mechanic ————- at it?

a) to look
b) looking
c) looked
d) look

Answer : d) look

Her parents don’t let her ————- out late on school nights.

a) to stay
b) stayed
c) stay
d) staying

Answer : c) stay

Why don’t you let me ————- supper tonight? You can have a rest.

a) to cook
b) cook

Answer : b) cook

My boss made me ————- overtime every day last week.

a) work
b) to work

Answer : a) work

We should get Ben ————- us some concert tickets when he goes to get his.

a) to buy
b) buy

Answer : a) to buy

Why don’t you let me ————- you around our new house?

a) to show
b) show

Answer : b) show

We’ve got to get our neighbours ————- having loud parties every weekend.

a) stopping
b) to stop
c) stop
d) stopped

Answer : b) to stop

She had her hair ————- at QuickCuts for only $25.

a) cutting
b) to cut
c) cut
d) cutted

Answer : c) cut

I hope the teacher can help me ————- these math questions.

a) figuring out
b) to figure out
c) figure out
d) figured out

Answer : b) to figure out

Why didn’t you let your friend ————- your textbook?

a) borrows
b) borrow
c) to borrow
d) borrowed

Answer : b) borrow

The doctor is only allowing people who are family members ————- the patient.

a) visit
b) visits
c) to visit
d) visiting

Answer : c) to visit

We had our house ————- last year.

a) painted
b) paint
c) to paint
d) painting

Answer : a) painted

The government requires new drivers ————- a sticker with a large N on it on their cars for the first couple of years.

a) to display
b) display
c) displayed
d) displaying

Answer : a) to display

My boss allowed me ————- time off when my son was in the hospital.

a) take
b) to take
c) taking

Answer : b) to take

A good teacher is able to motivate students ———— their best.

a) to do
b) do
c) does

Answer : a) to do

Her boyfriend is trying to pressure her ————- sex.

a) have
b) having
c) to have

Answer : c) to have

The soldiers were ordered ————- the enemy’s position.

a) to attack
b) attack

Answer : a) to attack

The teacher had everyone ————- a story about a special childhood experience.

a) write
b) to write
c) wrote
d) has written

Answer : a) write

Do you think your parents will let you ————- to the party?

a) to go
b) go
c) went

Answer : b) go

Don’t let me ———— to call my brother before we leave on holiday.

a) forget
b) forgot
c) to forget

Answer : a) forget

When I was little, my parents always made me ————- to school because they thought it was too lazy to take the bus.

a) to walk
b) walk
c) walked

Answer : b) walk

You shouldn’t let the other children ———— you around.

a) to push
b) push
c) pushed

Answer : b) push

I got lost and some stranger helped me ————- my way.

a) find
b) to find
c) found
d) finding

Answer : a) find

Romantic movies always make her ————-.

a) to cry
b) cry

Answer : b) cry

Just wait here. I’ll have someone ————- your suitcases up to your room.

a) bring
b) to bring
c) brought
d) has brought

Answer : a) bring

The students got the teacher ————- their test until the following week.

a) to postpone
b) postpone
c) postponed
d) will postpone

Answer : a) to postpone

The regulations require you ————- your full tuition before classes start.

a) paid
b) paying
c) to pay

Answer : c) to pay

No one can make you ————- something you don’t want to do.

a) to do
b) do

Answer : b) do

I love talking to Pauline. She always makes me ————-.

a) laugh
b) to laugh

Answer : b) to laugh

Where did you get your car ————- We need some work done on our Toyota and we’re looking for a good mechanic.

a) to repair
b) repair
c) repaired
d) repairing

Answer : c) repaired

I think you should have your doctor ————- at that cut on your arm. It looks serious.

a) looks
b) look
c) to look
d) looked

Answer : b) look

We got our neighbours ————- after our dog while we were away.

a) looks
b) look
c) to look
d) looking

Answer : c) to look

The program allows Muslim students ————- a break to pray at certain times of the day.

a) take
b) to take

Answer : b) to take

Watching the Olympics often motivates children ———– sports.

a) to play
b) play
c) playing
d) played

Answer : a) to play

Her parents made her ————- the piano for two hours every day and now she’s an excellent pianist.

a) to practise
b) practise

Answer : b) practise

Living in Quebec really helped me ————- French quickly.

a) learn
b) to learn
c) learned
d) learning

Answer : a) learn

I can’t believe they allow their dog ————- on their bed.

a) sleep
b) sleeps
c) to sleep
d) slept

Answer : c) to sleep

The company has just hired someone ————- their computer system.

a) upgrade
b) to upgrade
c) will upgrade

Answer : b) to upgrade

Our teacher makes us ————- two novels a month.

a) read
b) to read

Answer : a) read

Have your friend ————- me if he has any other questions.

a) call
b) to call
c) called

Answer : a) call

We need to have our computer ————- out for viruses.

a) check
b) to check
c) checked

Answer : c) checked

I had to have my digital camera ————- after I dropped it in the water.

a) fix
b) to fix
c) fixed
d) had fixed

Answer : c) fixed

Causative Verbs Exercise -5

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Causative Verbs Exercise


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