Make sentences using than and rather than.

1. (get a taxi/walk home) I’d prefer __.
2. (go for a swim/play tennis) I’d rather __.
3. (wait for a few minutes/leave now) I’d rather __.
4. (eat at home/go to a restaurant) I’d prefer __.
5. (think about it for a while/decide now) I’d rather __.
6. (read a book/watch television) I’d rather __.
1. … to get a taxi rather than walk home.
2. … go for a swim than play tennis.
3. … wait a few minutes than leave now.
4. … to eat at home rather than go to a restaurant.
5. … think about it for a while than decide now.
6. … read a book than watch television.


Complete the sentences using would you rather I… .

1. Are you going to cook the dinner or __ ?
2. Are you going to tell Ann what happened or would you rather __?
3. Are you going to do the shopping or __?
4. Are you going to answer the phone or __?
1. would you rather I cooked it? 3. would you rather I did it?
2. I told her? 4. would you rather I answered it?


Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form.

1. She told me that she’d rather (not/to serve) on the committee.
2. If you don’t mind, I’d rather (not/to go).
3. He said that he’d rather (to go) to a small college instead of to a large university.
4. I’d rather (to write) this than print it because I don’t print well.
5. Greg would rather (to have) a Pepsi than a beer.
6. I’d rather that you (not/to do) that.
7. Diane would rather that her husband (not/to work) so hard.
8. The dean would rather that students (to make) appointments instead of dropping by.
9. My roommate would rather that I (not/to keep) the light in after ten o’clock.
10. We’d rather that you (to come) tomorrow.
1. not serve 2. not go 3. go 4. write 5. have
6. didn’t do 7. didn’t work 8. make 9. didn’t keep 10. came


Put the verb into the correct form.

1. Do you want me to go now or would you rather I __ (to stay) here?
2. Shall I tell Ann the news? — No, I’d rather she __ (do/not) know.
3. Do you want to go out this evening or would you rather __ (to stay) at home?
4. This is a private letter addressed to me. I’d rather you __ (do/not) read it.
5. It’s quite a nice house but I’d rather it __ (to be) a bit bigger.
6. Do you mind if I turn on the radio? — I’d rather you __ (do/not). I’m trying to
1. stayed 2. didn’t 3. stay 4. didn’t 5. was 6. didn’t

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