Hyphenated Adjectives

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Hyphenated Adjectives exercise-1

Change the following phrases into two word combinations.
Example: a car which has four doors = a four-door car
a person who dances ballet = a ballet-dancer

1. A play which has three acts.
2. A building which has thirty stories.
3. A telephone call which lasts three minutes.
4. A composition which contains five hundred words.
5. A teacher who teaches English.
6. A store which sells shoes.
7. A bill which is worth twenty dollars.
8. A student who studies science.
9. A can that holds five litres.
10. A plug that has three pins.
11. A note that is worth $20.
12. A course that lasts three weeks.
13. A family with two cars.
14. A filing cabinet with three drawers.
15. An omelet made with two eggs.
16. A film that lasts two hours.
1. a three-act play 6. a shoe store 13. a two-car family
2. a thirty-story building 7. a twenty-dollar bill 14. a three-drawer
3. a three-minute 8. a science student cabinettelephone call 9. a five-litre can 15.a two-egg omelet
4. a five hundred-word 10.a three-pin plug 16.a two-hour film composition 11. a $20 note
5. an English teacher 12. a three-week course

Hyphenated Adjectives

Exercise-2 Use the underlined noun or noun phrase in the first sentence as the
modifier in the second sentence.
Example: My garden has flowers in it. It is a flower garden.

1. That handbook is for students. It is __ .
2. Their baby is ten months old. They have __ .
3. Our trip lasted for three days. We took __ .
4. She is a psychologist for children. She is __ .
5. I wrote a check for fifty dollars. I wrote __ .
6. I will get three credits for that course. It is __ .
7. Their house has nine rooms. It is __ .
8. That food is for dogs. It is __ .
9. That room is for guests. It is __ .
10. The professor asked us to write a paper of five pages. She asked us to write __ .
11. I have a sister who is ten years old and a brother who is twelve years old.
I have __.
1. a student handbook 6. a three-credit course
2. a ten-month-old baby 7. a nine-room house twelve-year old
3. a three-day trip 8. dog food brother
4. a child psychologist 9. a guest-room
5. a fifty-dollar check 10.a five-page paper
11. a ten-year old sister, a

Hyphenated Adjectives

Complete the sentences according to the examples.
Example: Our holiday lasted three weeks. It was a three-week holiday. The girls were
14 years old. They were 14-year-old girls.

1. The woman was 27. She was a __ .
2. The flight lasted for three hours. It was a __ .
3. The strike lasted four days. It was a __ .
4. The book has 200 pages. It is a __ .
5. The boys were ten years old. They were __ .
6. The television series has ten parts. It is __ .
7. The bottle holds two litres. It is __ .
8. Each of the tickets cost ten pounds. They were __ .
9. The building has ten stories. It is __ .
10. This bag of potatoes weights five kilos. It is __ .
11. We walked for five miles. It was __ .
1. a 27-year-old woman 5. ten-year-old boys 8. ten-pound tickets
2. a three-hour flight 6. a ten-part television 9. a ten-story building
3. a four-day strike series 10. a five-kilo bag
4. a 200-page book 7. a two-litre bottle 11. a five-mile walk

Define whether the sentences below are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).
Correct mistakes.

1. I lived in a two-hundred-years-old house in Rome.
2. He bought a three-hundred-dollars suit.
3. The teacher told us to read the five-hundred-page book.
4. I have four fifty-minutes classes every day.
5. She has just bought a new four-door Ford.
6. We signed up for a three-hour lab.
7. The police suspected a thirty-years-old man.
8. My mother bought some five-dollars-a-pound cheese.
9. John got a ten-speed bicycle for his birthday.
10. I visited the five-thousand-years-old pyramids in Egypt last summer.
11. John and Sue brought me a two-ounces bottle of French perfume.
12. My parents are going on a four-week European tour next month.
13. Most ten-month-old babies cannot walk.
14. They are studying the five-hundred-pages manual.
15. The Smiths have just purchased a ten-rooms house.
1. F, two-hundred-year-old house 9. T
2. F, three-hundred-dollar suit 10.F, five-thousand-year-old pyramids
3. T 11.F, two-ounce bottle
4. F, fifty-minute classes 12.T
5. T 13.T
6. T 14. F, five-hundred-page manual
7. F, thirty-year-old man 15.F, ten-room house
8. F, five-dollar-a-pound cheese

Hyphenated Adjectives