Hyphenated Adjectives

Hyphenated Adjectives

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Mastering Hyphenated Adjectives for TOEFL Exam Success

Hyphenated adjectives are an important aspect of English grammar, and understanding their usage is crucial for success in the TOEFL exam. This page provides a comprehensive guide on how to use hyphenated adjectives effectively to enhance your language skills.

Explore the rules and guidelines for using hyphens in compound adjectives. Learn how hyphens are used to combine words and create adjectives that modify nouns more precisely. For example, understand the difference between “full-time job” and “full time job,” or “high-speed train” and “high speed train.”

Discover common patterns and structures that involve hyphenated adjectives, such as “well-known,” “state-of-the-art,” or “five-year-old.” Gain insights into when and where to use hyphens in compound adjectives to ensure clarity and accuracy in your writing and speaking tasks.

By mastering the usage of hyphenated adjectives, you will demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. This resource offers explanations, examples, and practice exercises to help you improve your proficiency in using hyphenated adjectives effectively.

Prepare yourself for the language tasks of the TOEFL exam by strengthening your grasp of this important grammatical concept. Enhance your ability to comprehend and produce well-constructed sentences that incorporate hyphenated adjectives.

Take your TOEFL preparation to the next level with our comprehensive guide on hyphenated adjectives. Develop your language skills and excel in tasks that require you to analyze and interpret complex texts, passages, and prompts. Start mastering hyphenated adjectives today for TOEFL success.

Change the following phrases into two word combinations.
Example: a car which has four doors = a four-door car a person who dances ballet = a ballet-dancer

1. A play which has three acts.
2. A building which has thirty stories.
3. A telephone call which lasts three minutes.
4. A composition which contains five hundred words.
5. A teacher who teaches English.
6. A store which sells shoes.
7. A bill which is worth twenty dollars.
8. A student who studies science.
9. A can that holds five litres.
10. A plug that has three pins.
11. A note that is worth $20.
12. A course that lasts three weeks.
13. A family with two cars.
14. A filing cabinet with three drawers.
15. An omelet made with two eggs.
16. A film that lasts two hours.
1. a three-act play 6. a shoe store 13. a two-car family
2. a thirty-story building 7. a twenty-dollar bill 14. a three-drawer
3. a three-minute 8. a science student cabinettelephone call 9. a five-litre can 15.a two-egg omelet
4. a five hundred-word 10.a three-pin plug 16.a two-hour film composition 11. a $20 note
5. an English teacher 12. a three-week course

Hyphenated Adjectives

Exercise-2 Use the underlined noun or noun phrase in the first sentence as the modifier in the second sentence.
Example: My garden has flowers in it. It is a flower garden.

1. That handbook is for students. It is __ .
2. Their baby is ten months old. They have __ .
3. Our trip lasted for three days. We took __ .
4. She is a psychologist for children. She is __ .
5. I wrote a check for fifty dollars. I wrote __ .
6. I will get three credits for that course. It is __ .
7. Their house has nine rooms. It is __ .
8. That food is for dogs. It is __ .
9. That room is for guests. It is __ .
10. The professor asked us to write a paper of five pages. She asked us to write __ .
11. I have a sister who is ten years old and a brother who is twelve years old.
I have __.
1. a student handbook 6. a three-credit course
2. a ten-month-old baby 7. a nine-room house twelve-year old
3. a three-day trip 8. dog food brother
4. a child psychologist 9. a guest-room
5. a fifty-dollar check 10.a five-page paper
11. a ten-year old sister, a

Hyphenated Adjectives

Complete the sentences according to the examples.
Example: Our holiday lasted three weeks. It was a three-week holiday. The girls were 14 years old. They were 14-year-old girls.

1. The woman was 27. She was a __ .
2. The flight lasted for three hours. It was a __ .
3. The strike lasted four days. It was a __ .
4. The book has 200 pages. It is a __ .
5. The boys were ten years old. They were __ .
6. The television series has ten parts. It is __ .
7. The bottle holds two litres. It is __ .
8. Each of the tickets cost ten pounds. They were __ .
9. The building has ten stories. It is __ .
10. This bag of potatoes weights five kilos. It is __ .
11. We walked for five miles. It was __ .
1. a 27-year-old woman 5. ten-year-old boys 8. ten-pound tickets
2. a three-hour flight 6. a ten-part television 9. a ten-story building
3. a four-day strike series 10. a five-kilo bag
4. a 200-page book 7. a two-litre bottle 11. a five-mile walk

Define whether the sentences below are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. I lived in a two-hundred-years-old house in Rome.
2. He bought a three-hundred-dollars suit.
3. The teacher told us to read the five-hundred-page book.
4. I have four fifty-minutes classes every day.
5. She has just bought a new four-door Ford.
6. We signed up for a three-hour lab.
7. The police suspected a thirty-years-old man.
8. My mother bought some five-dollars-a-pound cheese.
9. John got a ten-speed bicycle for his birthday.
10. I visited the five-thousand-years-old pyramids in Egypt last summer.
11. John and Sue brought me a two-ounces bottle of French perfume.
12. My parents are going on a four-week European tour next month.
13. Most ten-month-old babies cannot walk.
14. They are studying the five-hundred-pages manual.
15. The Smiths have just purchased a ten-rooms house.
1. F, two-hundred-year-old house 9. T
2. F, three-hundred-dollar suit 10.F, five-thousand-year-old pyramids
3. T 11.F, two-ounce bottle
4. F, fifty-minute classes 12.T
5. T 13.T
6. T 14. F, five-hundred-page manual
7. F, thirty-year-old man 15.F, ten-room house
8. F, five-dollar-a-pound cheese

Hyphenated Adjectives

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