The Verb Need



Make sentences with need and -ing. Use the verb in brackets. Example: This coat is rather dirty. (clean) It needs cleaning.

1. This room hasn’t been painted for years. (paint)
2. Your hair is too long. (cut)
3. Those shoes are rather dirty. (polish)
4. This plant hasn’t been watered for some time. (water)
5. Those screws are loose. (tighten)
6. Your jeans are too long. (take up)


1. needs painting / to be painted 2. needs cutting 3. need polishing
4. needs watering 5. need tightening 6. need taking up

The Verb Need


Put the verb in parentheses into the correct form.

1. The chair is broken. I need (fix) it. The chair needs (fix).
2. What a mess! This room needs (clean) up. We need (clean) it up before the company arrives.
3. The baby’s diaper needs (change). It’s wet.
4. My shirt is wrinkled. It needs (iron).
5. There is a hole on our roof. The roof needs (repair).
6. I have books and paper all over my desk. I need (take) some time to straighten my desk. It needs (straighten) up.
7. The apples on the tree are ripe. They need (pick).
8. The dog needs (wash). He’s been digging in the mud.
9. His car needs (fix).
10.The rug needs (clean) before we move in.
11 .The house needs (paint), but we plan to wait until next summer to do it.
12. Her watch needed (repair).
13. The hem of this dress needs (mend) before I wear it again.


1. to fix; fixing / to be fixed 7. to be picked
2. cleaning / to be cleaned; to clean 8. to be washed
3. changing / to be changed 9. fixing / to be fixed
4. ironing / to be ironed 10. cleaning / to be cleaned
5. repairing / to be repaired 11 .painting / to be painted
6. to take; straightening / to be 12. repairing / to be repaired
straightened 13. mending / to be mended

The Verb Need



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