Enough with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns

Enough with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns

Complete these sentences using enough with one of the following words:
big old warm well cups
money room time qualifications
Example: She can’t get married yet. She’s not old enough.

1. Tom would like to buy a car but he hasn’t got __ .
2. I couldn’t make coffee for everybody. There weren’t __ .
3. Are you __ ? Or shall I switch on the heating?
4. It’s only a small car. There isn’t __ for all of you.
5. George didn’t feel __ to go to work this morning.
6. I didn’t finish the examination. I didn’t have __ .
7. Do you think I’ve got __ to apply for the job?
8. Try this jacket and see if it’s __ for you.
1. enough money 4. enough room 7. enough qualifications
2. enough cups 5. well enough 8. big enough
3. warm enough 6. enough time
English Grammar Lesson – Using ‘Enough’ with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns

In the following sentences choose the correct form in parentheses.

1. It’s not (enough warm/warm enough) to sit in the garden.
2. I haven’t got (enough money/money enough) to go on holiday this year.
3. He doesn’t speak (English enough/enough English) to make himself understood.
4. This coat is not (enough warm/warm enough) for me to wear in winter.
5. That chair isn’t (strong enough/enough strong) for you to stand on.
6. This bed is not (enough wide/wide enough) for two people to sleep in.
7. I don’t have (enough time/time enough) to do it.
8. He didn’t run (fast enough/enough fast).
9. Is this coffee (enough strong/strong enough) for you?
10. He is not (old enough/enough old) to get a driver’s license.
11 .Do we have (enough drinks/drinks enough) for the party?
12. The director thought the man was not (heavy enough/enough heavy) for the role.
13. There were not (enough people/people enough) to form a dance group.
14. Are there (chairs enough/enough chairs) in the room?
1. warm enough 6. wide enough 11. enough drinks
2. enough money 7. enough time 12. heavy enough
3. enough English 8. fast enough 13. enough people
4. warm enough 9. strong enough 14. enough chairs
5. strong enough 10. old enough
English Grammar Lesson – Using ‘Enough’ with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns

Exercise-3 Correct mistakes in the following sentences.

1. I need to buy a lamp because I don’t have enough the light in my room.
2. Her little car isn’t big enough as to seat more than two people comfortably.
3. Virginia doesn’t have the enough information to make a decision.
4. That excuse isn’t enough good.
5. Do we have hamburgers enough as for the party?
6. He should be as strong enough to get out of bed in a few days.
7. Without enough the sleep, you won’t be able to do well on the examination.
8. Billy isn’t enough old to enlist in the army.
9. There aren’t enough car for all of us to go.
10. His score on the exam was enough good to qualify him for a graduate program.
11. When your body does not get enough the food, it cannot make the glucose it
12. His English was enough good as for him to pass the TOEFL.
13. We had time enough to finish our work.
1. enough light 8. isn’t old enough
2. big enough to sit 9. enough cars / cars enough
3. have enough information 10. good enough
4. good enough 11. enough food
5. enough hamburgers for the party 12. good enough
6. be strong enough 13. enough time
7. without enough sleep

Exercise-4 Define whether the sentences below are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Pay
attention to the meanings of too, very and enough:
Very means “to a high degree”
Too suggests “impossibility or undesirable degree”
Enough suggests “possibility or sufficient degree”

1. I had enough experience to get the job.
2. This soap is too good.
3. It was too late to go to the theater.
4. He is enough intelligent to do well in school.
5. Paul had very much money to buy a new motorcycle.
6. I am very disappointed in his behavior.
7. He made too many good friends when he studied abroad.
8. She spoke French well enough to be a translator.
9. He did not speak English as well enough to be understood.
10. The envelope was thin enough to slide under the door.
11. The sofa was big enough as to seat four people comfortably.
12. This paragraph is not enough good as to be acceptable.
13. His TOEFL score was high enough to be accepted.
14. She was too happy when she heard the news.
15. She was enough old to get married.
1. T 7. F, many good friends 12. F, not good enough to be
2. F, very good 8. T acceptable 13.T
3. T 9. F, English well enough 14. F, very happy
4. F, intelligent enough 10. T
5. F, enough money 15. F, old enough
6. T 11. F, big enough to sit

English Grammar Lesson – Using ‘Enough’ with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns. ( Learn English)

Enough with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns
Enough with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns


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