Choose the word that correctly completes each sentence below.

1. (Marcy, Marcy’s) getting elected was mostly a matter of luck.
2. Sean and Joe say that (their, them) buying special spiked boots was necessary for iceclimbing.
3. (You, Your) wearing camouflage pants all the time actually makes you stand out in acrowd.
4. (Jessie, Jessie’s) wearing a black dress for her wedding caused several arguments inour family.
5. The worst mistake was (me, my) buying platinum from a telephone salesperson.
6. (Clay, Clay’s) acting calmly helped me to calm down.
7. My (dentist, dentist’s) leaving the television set on all the time distracts me while I am having my teeth filled.
8. Buzz knew that (him, his) parallel parking might cause him to fail his driver’s test.
9. (Lucy, Lucy’s) carrying a set of skeleton keys in her purse worried her friends.
10. Everyone in Leah’s house woke up because of (her, she) dropping the fishing tackleon the kitchen floor.
1. Marcy’s 2. their 3. Your 4. Jessie’s 5. my
6. Clay’s 7. dentist’s 8. his 9. Lucy’s 10. her

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