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Choose the word that correctly completes each sentence below.

1. Mr. Waldman recommends that Dorinda (be, is) promoted.
2. I insist that Marc (stop, stops) coming to class in that gorilla suit.
3. Miss Lincoln demands that James (prepare, prepares) carefully for each case.
4. We demand that a new counselor (be, is) hired.
5. Mrs. McKellop requests that Vivette (come, comes) to her office at once.
6. I move that nominations (be, are) closed.
7. Park rules require that each person (leaves, leave) by midnight.
8. The gas station attendant asked that Ronald (to pull, pull) up a little close to the pump.
9. The man insists that he (is, be) executed from the jury duty.
10. The doctor recommended that Paula (went, go) on a strict diet.
11. President Downing insists that the demonstration (to be, be) ended.
12. Requests that Yosemite (become, becomes) a national park were granted in 1890.
13. I suggest that every applicant (fills, fill) out the form carefully.
14. Alec’s boss insists that he (be, is) on time for work every day from now on.
15. She ordered that the door (to be, be) closed.
16. He recommends that she (writes, write) her paper tonight.

Ex 1 5. come 9. be 13. fill
2. stop 6. be 10. go 14. be
3. prepare 7. leave 11. be 15. be
4. be 8. pull 12. become 16. write



Complete the following sentences. In many of the sentences there is more than one possible completion.

1. Mr. Adams insists that we ……… careful in our writing.
2. They requested that we not ……… after midnight.
3. She demanded that I ……… her the truth.
4. I recommended that Jane ……… to the head of the department.
5. I suggest that everyone ……… a letter to the governor.
6. It is essential that I ……… you tomorrow.
7. It is important that he ……… the director of the English program.
8. It is necessary that everyone ……… here on time.
9. The doctor advised that I ……… on a diet.
10. The restaurant suggested that we ……… on time for our reservation.

Ex 2

1. be 3. tell 5. write 7. be 9. go
2. come 4. speak 6. see 8. come/be 10. arrive



Give the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Some of the verbs are passive.

1. Her adviser recommended that she (take) five courses.
2. He insisted that the new baby (name) after his grandfather.
3. The doctor recommended that she (stay) in bed for a few days.
4. The students requested that the test (postpone), but the instructor decided against the postponement.
5. I requested that I (permit) to change my class.
6. It is essential that pollution (control) and eventually (eliminate).
7. It was such a beautiful day that one of the students suggested we (have) class outside.
8. The movie director insisted that everything about his production (be) authentic.
9. It is vital that no one else (know) about the secret government operation.
10. She asked that we (be) sure to lock the door behind us.
11. It is essential that no one (admit) to the room without proper identification.
12. It is important that you (be, not) alone.
13. It is imperative that he (return) home immediately.
14. The governor proposed that a new highway (build).
15. She specifically asked that I (tell, not) anyone else about it. She said it was important that no one else (tell) about it.


1. take 6. be controlled, be eliminated 11. be admitted
2. be named 7. have (should have) 12. not be
3. stay (should stay) 8. be 13. return
4. be postponed 9. know 14. be built
5. be permitted 10. be 15. not tell, be told



Define whether these sentences are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. Tom suggested that I should look for another job.
2. Tom suggested that I look for another job.
3. Tom suggested that I looked for another job.
4. Tom suggested me to look for another job.
5. Where do you suggest I go for my holiday?
6. Where do you suggest me to go for my holiday?
7. Where do you suggest I should go for my holiday?
8. The teacher suggested that her students to write compositions on their experiences with ESP.
9. The doctor insisted that his patient taking it easy for three months.
10. I suggest that he goes to the doctor as soon as he returns from taking the exam.
11. The doctor suggested that she not smoke.
12. I propose that the vote is secret ballot.
13. The foreign student advisor recommended that she studied more English before enrolling at the university.
14. She insisted that they give her a receipt.
15. The law requires that everyone has his car checked at least once a year.


1. T 6. F, that I go 11.T
2. T 7. T 12. F, votebe
3. T 8. F, students write 13. F, she study
4. F, that I look 9. F, patient take 14.T
5. T 10.F, he go 15. F, everyone have


Define whether these sentences below are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). Correct mistakes.

1. The supervisor recommended that all employees took a course in speed reading.
2. They request that you be fluent in Spanish.
3. My doctor urges that I am stopping smoking immediately.
4. It was essential that the train leave on time.
5. The professor advised that John had a private tutor for a few weeks.
6. The admiral demanded that his crew has inspection twice a day.
7. They asked that she not call before 8:00 a.m.
8. The gracious hosts insisted that Mr. Smith did not leave so early.
9. I suggested that he wear black for the ceremony.
10. The police require that a driver renews his license every three years.
11. The instructions ask that we don’t use a red pen.
12. The law requires that students be in school a certain number of days a year.
13. It was important that money was collected for the cause.
1. F, employees take 8. F, Mr. Smith not leave
2. T 9. T
3. F, I stop 10.F, a driver renew
4. T 11 .F, we not use
5. F, John have 12.?
6. F, crew have 13.F, the money be collected
7. ?




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