Modals Quiz 4

Modals Quiz 4

#1. Today no one can imagine what a battle at sea was like in the days of sail. It --------- both an impressive and a frightening sight.

Answer : e) must have been

#2. My sister --------- a German teacher because her German was fluent, but she decided to become an accountant instead

Answer : d) could have become

#3. Using the latest and most expensive technology, including nuclear batteries, space scientists --------- to the furthest reaches of our solar system now.

Answer : d) are able to probe

#4. Our father never earned much money, but he --------- something nice for us whenever he --------- .

Answer : c) would buy/could

#5. I told my flatmate to buy some bread, but he --------- because there isn't any here.

Answer : a) must have forgotten

#6. I --------- a stockbroker if I had wanted to, but I thought life as a bass guitarist in a heavy metal band would be far more interesting.

Answer : d) could have become

#7. Sally --------- Italian like a native, but since she moved to Indiana, she has forgotten most of it.

Answer : a) used to speak

#8. You --------- me at work. The boss was really angry because he had warned me before about personal calls.

Answer : b) shouldn’t have phoned

#9. I'd rather you --------- out tonight because, according to the news, there could be trouble downtown.

Answer : c) didn’t go

#10. It is hardly surprising that sometimes he gets depressed and wonders if he really --------- married.

Answer : e) ought to have got

#11. While there seem to be plenty of unexploited petroleum reserves, some experts worry that there --------- .. enough to carry us through the next century.

Answer : a) may not be

#12. You --------- your plane ticket so far in advance because flights to Birmingham are never full.

Answer : b) needn’t have bought

#13. There are some sounds that are out of the range of the human ear but which dogs --------- .

Answer : c) can hear

#14. I know you have a lot of work to do, but it is your own fault; you --------- everything until the last minute.

Answer : d) shouldn’t have left

#15. I wonder what the problem was in the restaurant last night. Three members of staff --------- tables, but there was only one. I must speak to the restaurant manager.

Answer : c) should have been clearing

#16. Mike couldn't attend university because he --------- his family when his father died.

Answer : a) had to support

#17. Now remember, when you are in the race, you --------- to run too fast in the first few laps because you will need plenty of energy for the final sprint

Answer : c) mustn’t try

#18. Petroleum deposits can occur almost anywhere — they --------- under deserts, under fertile land, or even under the sea.

Answer : b) may be

#19. Do you think Jeff --------- to join us on our hike? Does he like this sort of activity?

Answer : e) would like

#20. Hawaii is such an expensive place to live and the wages are so low that you --------- very hard just to get by.

Answer : b) have to work




Reading – Writing – Listening – Speaking – IELTS – should – have – shouldn’t – haven’t – hasn’t –  Could – might

Reading – Writing – Listening – Speaking – IELTS – should – have – shouldn’t – haven’t – hasn’t –  Could – might

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Modals Quiz 4

Modals Quiz 4


When we went to Japan, we ——— anything for ourselves because our Japanese hosts took care of everything.

a) must not have done
b) needn’t have done
c) didn’t need to do
d) couldn’t have done
e) ought not to do

Answer : c) didn’t need to do

A: I hear a noise coming from the kitchen.
B: My greedy brother ——— for something to eat.

a) must be looking
b) should have looked
c) used to look ought
d) to be looking
e) has looked

Answer : a) must be looking

A: Did you know that classes were cancelled yesterday because the heating in the building failed? B: No, but I ——— . anyway because I was in bed all day with flu.

a) didn’t use to attend
b) won’t be attending
c) must not have attended
d) haven’t attended
e) couldn’t have attended

Answer : e) couldn’t have attended

I know I ——— for a job, but there are so few jobs for a person of my abilities that it is discouraging.

a) had been looking
b) ought to look
c) must have looked
d) was able to look
e) used to look

Answer : b) ought to look

I ——— the same computer program when I worked at a bank, so it ——— easy for me to adjust to this new job.

a) should be using/could be
b) used to use/should be
c) need to use/would be
d) must have used/must be
e) might have used/can be

Answer : b) used to use/should be

He ——— .. as carefully as he claimed he was. Why did he bump into the lamp post then?

a) doesn’t have to drive
b) isn’t supposed to drive
c) won’t have been driving
d) shouldn’t have driven
e) can’t have been driving

Answer : e) can’t have been driving

Would you mind if I ——— early this afternoon? I have a dentist appointment at 4:30.

a) to leave
b) had left
c) leaving
d) left
e) have left

Answer : d) left

I’m so glad that I ——— . to the meeting place on time yesterday despite the heavy traffic, or the boss would have been really annoyed.

a) was able to get
b) have got
c) used to get
d) hould have got
e) had to get

Answer : a) was able to get

Sean ——— married three months ago and since then he ——— out drinking with his old friends.

a) had got/ought not to go
b) used to get/couldn’t have gone
c) got/hasn’t been able to go
d) has got/shouldn’t be going
e) was getting/didn’t have to go

Answer : c) got/hasn’t been able to go

These days, he ——— to stop smoking and playing cards as well because his wife is so strict with him, so his life will have changed completely soon.

a) used to try
b) is trying
c) tried
d) had to try
e) could have tried

Answer : b) is trying

Modals Quiz
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