Modals Quiz 6

Modals Quiz 6

#1. A: Julester looks so slim. B: Has she been dieting? A: Not that I'm aware of. B: Well, she ---------------- very hard then. She goes horse-riding, doesn't she?

Answer : a) must have been exercising

#2. I'd like to have some people for dinner tonight, but it is too late to ask anyone because they ---------------- their plans already.

Answer : d) may have made

#3. Please Mum, ---------------- I watch the film tonight? I have finished all my homework.

Answer : b) may

#4. A: Peter in the accounts department retired yesterday. B: He ---------------- permanently yesterday. I saw him at his desk only this morning. A: Oh, well, he had his retirement presentation yesterday, but perhaps that was because the Chairman was here. Maybe he is leaving on Friday.

Answer : a) can’t have left

#5. Alfred ---------------- his ankle badly as we ---------------- in the mountains last Saturday.

Answer : d) sprained/were hiking

#6. I .......... at a research centre but I decided to work for an oil company since the pay was much better.

a) could have worked

#7. During the strike of the railway workers, many commuters ---------------- a taxi to and from work by coming three or four people together so that they could afford it.

Answer : b) had to hire

#8. My brother's eyesight is perfect, but I ---------------- glasses since I was seven years old.

Answer : e) have had to wear

#9. Your mother ---------------- a restaurant. She is such a wonderful cook. If she opened a restaurant, I'm sure it would be full every night.

Answer : c) should open

#10. Ever since he took on this part-time job, he ---------------- enough time on his studies.

Answer : c) hasn’t been able to spend

#11. I was just about to buy a new pair when the police rang to say my handbag had been found with my glasses still inside, so I ---------------- a new pair after all.

Answer : e) didn’t need to buy

#12. Jennifer ---------------- the promotion that she is expecting as she hasn't reached her sales target yet.

Answer : e) may not get

#13. I was falling asleep while I was typing my speech last night. The only way I ---------------- awake was by drinking lots of strong coffee.

Answer : e) could stay

#14. Oh dear, we seem to have run out of salt. I ---------------- to the corner shop before dinner.

Answer : e) will have to go

#15. The tyres of my car ---------------- thin already. I only replaced them in January. I'll have to buy better quality ones next time.

Answer : a) shouldn’t have worn

#16. I'm glad that you ---------------- your father to let you come on this trip with us. It wouldn't be so enjoyable without you!

Answer : d) were able to persuade

#17. I suppose I ---------------- to type his report for him, but, at the time, I didn't know how important it was.

Answer : c) could have offered

#18. Trade is so poor these days! We ---------------- just two cars since I started working here a month ago.

Answer : a) have been able to sell

#19. I ---------------- to the office to send e-mail any longer. The company has bought me a lap top computer and a mobile phone which can be used for electronic mail and the Internet.

Answer : d) don’t have to return

#20. You ---------------- some more appointments to get some more business. You're never going to achieve your sales target at this rate.

Answer : c) should make




Modals Quiz 6

Modals Quiz 6

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Modals Quiz 6

Modals Quiz 6

Modals Quiz 6

You —————- your own canoe in order to join the canoe club. They cost a lot of money. You —————- mine whenever you want to go canoeing.

a) mustn’t buy/had borrowed
b) won’t have bought/should borrow
c) needn’t buy/can borrow
d) might not buy/would borrow
e) can’t buy/used to borrow

Answer : c) needn’t buy/can borrow

He is so poor now it’s hard to believe that when he was young, he —————- down the street in his Rolls Royce or sometimes his Jaguar car.

a) has been driving
b) would drive
c) should have driven
d) has driven
e) may be driving

Answer : b) would drive

Just as my daughter was about to leave the house on her wedding day, my son spilt some tea on her dress. Fortunately, we —————- the stain with some special soap before the wedding took place.

a) were able to remove
b) must have removed
c) might be removing
d) could remove
e) used to remove

Answer : a) were able to remove

A: Is Julian not visiting Aunt May with us today?
B: Well, he’s been called out to an emergency, but he —————- us there if he finishes early.

a) has joined
b) could have joined
c) was joining
d) might join
e) would be joining

Answer : d) might join

A: What were you doing at the bank yesterday?
B: I —————- my bank manager for a loan to repair our house, and luckily, I managed to get it.

a) must have asked
b) used to ask
c) had to ask
d) should have asked
e) ought to ask

Answer : c) had to ask

A: I can’t believe Jane isn’t here to collect her award.
B: She —————- the invitation. We definitely should have checked that she had got it.

a) would rather not receive
b) had better not receive
c) isn’t supposed to receive
d) needn’t have received
e) must not have received

Answer : e) must not have received

A: Did you speak to Sam about the plans for the cake sale to raise money for charity?
B: Yes, I did and she —————- bake some biscuits and cakes if she has time.

a) might be able to
b) was able to
c) used to
d) had better
e) has had to

Answer : a) might be able to

Our plane —————- in Cairo hours ago, but we haven’t even taken off from Heathrow yet.

a) was supposed to land
b) must have landed
c) ought to be landing
d) will have landed
e) might be landing

Answer : a) was supposed to land

This steak is a little undercooked for my taste. —————- putting it back under the grill for another five minutes?

a) Why don’t you
b) Would you mind
c) Would you like
d) Do you prefer
e) Do you mind if I

Answer : b) Would you mind

A: I wonder why Mary didn’t want to come shopping in Oxford Street with us.
B: I don’t know. She —————- short of money these days because her new kitchen cost her a lot of money.

a) will be
b) has been
c) can be
d) would be
e) could be

Answer : e) could be

Modals Quiz 6