English idioms Exercise -10

English idioms Exercise -10

Choose the best meaning.

#1. If you’re up to your ears with homework, you ----------

Answer : B ) have a lot to do

#2. If your teacher has told you it is out of the question for you to turn in your term paper late, you ----------

Answer : A ) must turn in your paper on time

#3. If Johannes finally got rid of his old football, he ----------

Answer : B ) no longer has it

#4. If Mai was the one who got the ball rolling on your group science project, she ----------

Answer : C ) started work on the project

#5. If you gave your neighbor a hand with her groceries, you ----------

Answer : A ) helped

#6. Stanley used a bit of wire to fix his car door for the time being. Stanley ----------

Answer : B ) temporarily fixed the car door

#7. Carl and Monica are keeping their fingers crossed that the weather will be nice on their wedding day. They ----------

Answer : A ) are wishing for nice weather

#8. Steve asked for more than he could eat. His eyes were bigger than his stomach

Answer : A ) Steve thought he could eat a lot.

#9. Stan consumes too many alcoholic beverages. He drinks like a fish.

Answer : A ) Stan spends a lot of time in bars.

#10. Polly did too many things and got overtired. She burned herself out.

Answer : A ) Polly works hard.

#11. Ken talked and talked, but he did not change Gene's mind. He talked until he was blue in the face.

Answer : B ) Ken did not convince Gene.

#12. Brian is reading a newspaper under a tree in the park. Brian is taking it easy.

Answer : A ) Brian is relaxing.

#13. To tell you the truth, we're starving.

Answer : C ) to be honest

#14. Oh, come on, Michael, we know you're over thirty!

Answer : C ) stop saying something that isn’t true

#15. He wanted to buy a Cadillac but his son talked him into buying a Porsche.

Answer : B ) convinced


English idioms Exercise -10

English idioms Exercise -10

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Choose the best meaning.

English idioms Exercise -10

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