Modals Quiz 9

Modals Quiz 9

#1. This steak is a little undercooked for my taste. ---------------- putting it back under the grill for another five minutes?

Answer : b) Would you mind

#2. You ---------------- your own canoe in order to join the canoe club. They cost a lot of money. You ---------------- mine whenever you want to go canoeing.

Answer : c) needn’t buy/can borrow

#3. The tyres of my car ---------------- thin already. I only replaced them in January. I'll have to buy better quality ones next time.

Answer : a) shouldn’t have worn

#4. ---------------- I look after Katie for a couple of hours so that you and Kevin can go to the cinema?

Answer : e) Shall

#5. I'd like to have some people for dinner tonight, but it is too late to ask anyone because they ---------------- their plans already.

Answer : d) may have made

#6. According to their letter, we ---------------- them, with a copy of our company's accounts before we can order any cars on contract hire.

Answer : b) have to supply

#7. Mum, according to what the doctor instructed you to do, you ---------------- any salt on your food, you know! If you insist on eating that much salt, you're bound to have another heart attack!

Answer : e) aren’t supposed to put

#8. Would you mind if I ---------------- these trade magazines home to read? I never get time to read them in the office.

Answer : b) took

#9. Just as my daughter was about to leave the house on her wedding day, my son spilt some tea on her dress. Fortunately, we ---------------- the stain with some special soap before the wedding took place.

Answer : a) were able to remove

#10. A: Why is Mum still in hospital? She ---------------- home today. B: They wanted to do some more tests.

Answer : b) was supposed to come

#11. Now that they have raised the prices at the gym, I---------------- going there, or I'll have difficulty paying it.

Answer : c) had better stop

#12. George ---------------- better in the tennis tournament than I thought he ---------------- because he got through to the finals.

Answer : a) must have played/could

#13. A: What were you doing at the bank yesterday? B: I ---------------- my bank manager for a loan to repair our house, and luckily, I managed to get it.

Answer : c) had to ask

#14. I suppose I ---------------- to type his report for him, but, at the time, I didn't know how important it was.

Answer : c) could have offered

#15. You haven't got time to do the gardening. I think you ---------------- a gardener, don't you think so?

Answer : a) ought to employ

#16. You ---------------- a tie on Friday. They don't let men into the restaurant unless they are wearing a tie.

Answer : b) must wear

#17. My brother's eyesight is perfect, but I ---------------- glasses since I was seven years old.

Answer : e) have had to wear

#18. Ever since he took on this part-time job, he ---------------- enough time on his studies.

Answer : c) hasn’t been able to spend

#19. A: Did you speak to Sam about the plans for the cake sale to raise money for charity? B: Yes, I did and she ---------------- bake some biscuits and cakes if she has time.

Answer : a) might be able to

#20. We ---------------- by the river, but unfortunately, the riverside car park was full.

Answer : d) were going to park




Modals Quiz 9

Modals Quiz 9

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Modals Quiz 9

Modals Quiz 9


I am really surprised that Robby hasn’t signed up yet for the skiing holiday this year. He —————- the first to book every year.

a) will be
b) may have been
c) would be
d) could be
e) used to be

Answer : e) used to be

Your mother —————- a restaurant. She is such a wonderful cook. If she opened a restaurant, I’m sure it would be full every night.

a) must have opened
b) used to open
c) should open
d) would open
e) was able to open

Answer : c) should open

We —————- offices soon. I saw the boss this morning viewing the new office block next to the station.

a) would rather be moving
b) had better move
c) would have moved
d) may be moving
e) have been moving

Answer : d) may be moving

A: Peter in the accounts department retired yesterday.
B: He —————- permanently yesterday. I saw him at his desk only this morning.
A: Oh, well, he had his retirement presentation yesterday, but perhaps that was because the Chairman was here. Maybe he is leaving on Friday.

a) can’t have left
b) ought not to leave
c) hasn’t left
d) needn’t have left
e) had better not leave

Answer : a) can’t have left

A: Did you have a busy day at the shop? If you did, you —————- rushed off your feet without me there.
B: No, I wasn’t. It was quite a quiet day.

a) must have been
b) have been
c) used to be
d) would rather be
e) might be

Answer : a) must have been

I was just about to buy a new pair when the police rang to say my handbag had been found with my glasses still inside, so I —————- a new pair after all.

a) needn’t have bought
b) mustn’t buy
c) wasn’t supposed to buy
d) shouldn’t have bought
e) didn’t need to buy

Answer : e) didn’t need to buy

A: Why is she still perspiring? She —————- too hot — I’ve taken herjuniper off.
B: In that case, she —————- a fever. You’d better take her temperature.

a) can’t be/must have
b) isn’t/would rather have
c) wouldn’t be/is having
d) needn’t be/ought to have
e) shouldn’t be/had

Answer : a) can’t be/must have

Please Mum, —————- I watch the film tonight? I have finished all my homework.

a) would
b) may
c) do
d) should
e) must

Answer : b) may

I really miss Istanbul, where I lived when I was younger. On summer evenings, we —————- along the coast by the Sea of Marmara when the Sun was setting behind Kınalıada.

a) ought to walk
b) have walked
c) would walk
d) had walked
e) might walk

Answer : c) would walk

A: Julester looks so slim.
B: Has she been dieting?
A: Not that I’m aware of.
B: Well, she —————- very hard then. She goes horse-riding, doesn’t she?

a) must have been exercising
b) was exercising
c) had better exercise
d) was able to exercise
e) will have been exercising

Answer : a) must have been exercising

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