Modals Quiz 11

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Modals Quiz 11

#1. It is a long journey and there may not be any restaurants on the way. You --------------- something before you leave.

Answer : c) had better eat

#2. --------------- I get some plates while you are cutting the cake?

Answer : c) Shall

#3. I'm glad that I --------------- hard to persuade my parents because they were already keen on the idea.

Answer : b) didn’t need to try

#4. I--------------- my car last week if I had accepted James' offer. He offered me two thousand dollars for it, but I wanted more.

Answer : b) could have sold

#5. --------------- I ask you a favour? --------------- you work on Thursday night this week instead of Friday night?

Answer : c) May/Could

#6. As a comedian he is no longer appreciated but ten years ago people --------------- at his jokes.

Answer : a) used to laugh

#7. A: Mrs Parkinson --------------- three accidents in the last month. B: She --------------- a very careful driver, then. A: Couldn't it have been just bad luck?

Answer : c) has had/must not be

#8. Why did yon bother so much trying to change your money? You --------------- it, you know, as they accept US dollars in Mexico.

Answer : d) needn’t have changed

#9. I believe you --------------- this computer programme in your previous job, so you --------------- it difficult at times. Please don't hesitate to ask me for help.

Answer : a) didn’t use/might find

#10. A: Hopefully, Peter booked the tickets for us yesterday. B: He --------------- them yesterday. The booking office is closed on Saturdays. A: Oh well, I'm sure he'll order them tomorrow then.

Answer : c) couldn’t have booked

#11. I --------------- travel by coach to Istanbul last week because the airline pilots were on strike.

Answer : c) had to

#12. You knew that we had to walk a long way today, so you really --------------- those high heeled shoes. You only have yourself to blame for your aching feet.

Answer : c) shouldn’t have worn

#13. You --------------- wear jeans or trainers at a formal gathering. It wouldn't be right.

Answer : e) mustn’t

#14. You --------------- anything until after your operation. The nurses will tell you when it is all right.

Answer : d) mustn’t eat

#15. Isn't it great that Tim and Sue have given up smoking? They both --------------- too much.

Answer : a) used to smoke

#16. A: --------------- we paint the kitchen this weekend? B: We could, but I --------------- wait until the weather gets better because we'll have to open the windows.

Answer : d) Shall/would sooner

#17. Cats are very alert to any movement. For this reason they will pounce when a victim --------------- but --------------- prey that remains still.

Answer : e) moves/may not attack

#18. You --------------- this report to the managing director personally. Do you understand?

Answer : d) are to hand

#19. --------------- you take this screwdriver back to Mr Smith next door and thank him for lending it to us?

Answer : a) Will

#20. He --------------- handball quite often, but his new job requires him to travel a lot now. so he doesn't have time any more.

Answer : e) used to play




Modals Quiz 11

Modals Quiz 11

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Modals Quiz 11

Modals Quiz 11

Modals Quiz 11

The company had sent the advertisement to the newspaper when they realised they’d mistyped the salary they were offering for the position. Luckily, they ————— the newspaper to correct their mistake before they printed it.

a) could have asked
b) were able to ask
c) must have asked
d) were supposed to ask
e) might have asked

Answer : b) were able to ask

A: I wish I hadn’t criticised Mark’s drawings yesterday because he hasn’t spoken to me today. Do you think he’ll come to my party on Friday? B: Possibly, he ————— you by then.

a) has forgiven
b) was able to forgive
c) might have forgiven
d) must have forgiven
e) used to forgive

Answer : c) might have forgiven

Since the day his manager transferred him to the foundry section of the steel works, he ————— safety goggles.

a) will be wearing
b) has had to wear
c) ought to wear
d) must have worn
e) is wearing

Answer : b) has had to wear

A: This student has circled the mistakes in the text, but he hasn’t corrected them, so he’ll only get half marks.
B: He ————— the instructions properly.

a) would rather not read
b) had better not read
c) needn’t have read
d) shouldn’t have read
e) must not have read

Answer : e) must not have read

As a single woman, Lucy ————— quite a lot of money on clothes, jewellery and cosmetics, but now married with two children, she can’t spare so much money on them.

a) might spend
b) had spent
c) would rather spend
d) would spend
e) should have spent

Answer : d) would spend

A: Are you going to enroll on the second course when we finish this one?
B: I don’t know. It’s tliurtf coming every day after work. I————— a month before I start the second course.

a) may wait
b) am supposed to wait
c) have waited
d) have to wait
e) could have waited

Answer : a) may wait

James will book the hotel rooms for the German representatives and you ————— them at the airport at eight o’clock. Is that clear?

a) have met
b) can meet
c) are to meet
d) had met
e) would meet

Answer : c) are to meet

————— lending me , liras so that I don’t have to give the Dolmus driver a million lira note?

a) Would you like
b) Would you rather
c) Would you mind
d) Had you better
e) Do you mind if

Answer : c) Would you mind

A: Jack doesn’t work for a computer company, so why has he gone to the computer exhibition?
B: I don’t know. He ————— interested in buying a computer to use at home or perhaps he is thinking of starting his own company.

a) must be
b) has to be
c) will be
d) ought to be
e) could be

Answer : e) could be

You ————— anything to me. If you want to spend virtually your entire wages on lottery tickets, then that’s up to you.

a) couldn’t have explained
b) don’t have to explain
c) weren’t able to explain
d) shouldn’t have explained
e) weren’t supposed to explain

Answer : b) don’t have to explain

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