Modals Quiz -II

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Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II-min

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II

The company had sent the advertisement to the newspaper when they realised they’d mistyped the salary they were offering for the position. Luckily, they ————— the newspaper to correct their mistake before they printed it.

a) could have asked
b) were able to ask
c) must have asked
d) were supposed to ask
e) might have asked

Answer : b) were able to ask

A: I wish I hadn’t criticised Mark’s drawings yesterday because he hasn’t spoken to me today. Do you think he’ll come to my party on Friday? B: Possibly, he ————— you by then.

a) has forgiven
b) was able to forgive
c) might have forgiven
d) must have forgiven
e) used to forgive

Answer : c) might have forgiven

Since the day his manager transferred him to the foundry section of the steel works, he ————— safety goggles.

a) will be wearing
b) has had to wear
c) ought to wear
d) must have worn
e) is wearing

Answer : b) has had to wear

A: This student has circled the mistakes in the text, but he hasn’t corrected them, so he’ll only get half marks.
B: He ————— the instructions properly.

a) would rather not read
b) had better not read
c) needn’t have read
d) shouldn’t have read
e) must not have read

Answer : e) must not have read

As a single woman, Lucy ————— quite a lot of money on clothes, jewellery and cosmetics, but now married with two children, she can’t spare so much money on them.

a) might spend
b) had spent
c) would rather spend
d) would spend
e) should have spent

Answer : d) would spend

A: Are you going to enroll on the second course when we finish this one?
B: I don’t know. It’s tliurtf coming every day after work. I————— a month before I start the second course.

a) may wait
b) am supposed to wait
c) have waited
d) have to wait
e) could have waited

Answer : a) may wait

James will book the hotel rooms for the German representatives and you ————— them at the airport at eight o’clock. Is that clear?

a) have met
b) can meet
c) are to meet
d) had met
e) would meet

Answer : c) are to meet

————— lending me , liras so that I don’t have to give the Dolmus driver a million lira note?

a) Would you like
b) Would you rather
c) Would you mind
d) Had you better
e) Do you mind if

Answer : c) Would you mind

A: Jack doesn’t work for a computer company, so why has he gone to the computer exhibition?
B: I don’t know. He ————— interested in buying a computer to use at home or perhaps he is thinking of starting his own company.

a) must be
b) has to be
c) will be
d) ought to be
e) could be

Answer : e) could be

You ————— anything to me. If you want to spend virtually your entire wages on lottery tickets, then that’s up to you.

a) couldn’t have explained
b) don’t have to explain
c) weren’t able to explain
d) shouldn’t have explained
e) weren’t supposed to explain

Answer : b) don’t have to explain

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


You ————— anything until after your operation. The nurses will tell you when it is all right.

a) needn’t eat
b) don’t have to eat
c) couldn’t eat
d) mustn’t eat
e) might not eat

Answer : d) mustn’t eat

Oh dear, my fruit cake is a little too sweet. I ————— the amount of sugar I add to the mixture next time.

a) have been reducing
b) should have reduced
c) will have to reduce
d) have had to reduce
e) must be reducing

Answer : c) will have to reduce

Isn’t it great that Tim and Sue have given up smoking? They both ————— too much.

a) used to smoke
b) ought to be smoking
c) must be smoking
d) would rather smoke
e) have been smoking

Answer : a) used to smoke

A: What’s happened to Mr Meyer?
B: He is ill in hospital. They ————— keep him in overnight, and if they do, he ————— travel back to Germany tomorrow morning.

a) may/won’t be able to
b) would/ought not to
c) shall/doesn’t have to
d) can/couldn’t
e) ought to/didn’t use to

Answer : a) may/won’t be able to

A: ————— we paint the kitchen this weekend?
B: We could, but I ————— wait until the weather gets better because we’ll have to open the windows.

a) Ought/prefer
b) May/must
c) Can/would like
d) Shall/would sooner
e) Would/had better

Answer : d) Shall/would sooner

A: I couldn’t persuade John to come to the match with us. He said he couldn’t afford it.
B: You ————— to lend him the money. A: I did, but he said he ————— borrow any money at the moment.

a) have offered/ought not to
b) could have offered/would rather not
c) may have offered/used not to
d) must have offered/wouldn’t like
e) can offer/had better not

Answer : b) could have offered/would rather not

————— I ask you a favour? ————— you work on Thursday night this week instead of Friday night?

a) Can/Will
b) Would/Will
c) May/Could
d) Might/Shall
e) Must/Would

Answer : c) May/Could

Amy Johnson, the first woman pilot who ————— from England to Australia, ————— several times during her flight to fill her plane with petrol.

a) had flown/has stopped
b) could fly/was stopping
c) used to fly/might stop
d) was flying/would rather stop
e) flew/had to stop

Answer : e) flew/had to stop

————— you take this screwdriver back to Mr Smith next door and thank him for lending it to us?

a) Will
b) Must
c) Ought
d) Shall
e) May

Answer : a) Will

They ————— their house yet. They only put it up for sale yesterday.

a) haven’t been selling
b) might not be selling
c) needn’t have sold
d) ought not to sell
e) can’t have sold

Answer : e) can’t have sold

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


We ————— get a visa before we ————— go to Bulgaria.

a) could/would
b) are to/must
c) have to/can
d) may/have to
e) will/shall

Answer : c) have to/can

I only had a brief chat with Mary at the bus stop, so I ————— to ask her how she ————— on in her new job.

a) might forget/could get
b) forgot/was getting
c) have forgotten/used to get
d) would forget/gets
e) must have forgotten/should get

Answer : b) forgot/was getting

A: Well, I’ve got lots of great ideas, but I haven’t written anything down yet.
B: But you ————— us a written outline of your section of the project today!
A: Don’t panic. I’ll do it tomorrow.

a) would rather have given
b) were able to give
c) must have given
d) were supposed to give
e) had to give

Answer : d) were supposed to give

Our father ————— a small present for me and my sister every month when he ————— his salary.

a) was buy ing/had received
b) has had to buy/was receiving
c) must have bought/could receive
d) would buy/received
e) bought/could have received

Answer : d) would buy/received

I ————— listening to pop music at all, but recently I have realised that I quite like certain pop songs.

a) didn’t use to enjoy
b) ought not to enjoy
c) must not have enjoyed
d) can’t have been enjoying
e) wasn’t enjoying

Answer : a) didn’t use to enjoy

When their baby was born, Lucy ————— up work until they found someone to look after the baby.

a) must give
b) ought to give
c) had to give
d) used to give
e) has given

Answer : c) had to give

They had their baby daughter in June and, since then, they ————— in restaurants very often.

a) didn’t use to eat
b) couldn’t eat
c) aren’t supposed to eat
d) haven’t been able to eat
e) weren’t able to eat

Answer : d) haven’t been able to eat

Do you think he ————— to watch the match with us? I know he enjoys football.

a) would sooner
b) had better
c) would mind
d) preferred
e) would like

Answer : e) would like

Would you mind if I ————— the secretary for half an hour, Mr Pitt? She has two thousand leaflets to send out.

a) helping
b) helped
c) help
d) have helped
e) to help

Answer : b) helped

A: I missed this week’s episode of ‘The Simpsons’. What happened?
B: I don’t know. I don’t watch it any more.
A: Why not? I thought you were a fan of the show like me.
B: Yes. I ————— it three times a week, but now I go to German lessons every night.

a) used to watch
b) had watched
c) must have watched
d) have watched
e) was able to watch

Answer : a) used to watch

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


I believe you ————— this computer programme in your previous job, so you ————— it difficult at times. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

a) didn’t use/might find
b) haven’t used/must find
c) couldn’t use/have found
d) may not use/will find
e) hadn’t used/can find

Answer : a) didn’t use/might find

Apparently, the man across the road ————— his car after all because he took down the for-sale sign a week ago and he is still driving to work.

a) used to keep
b) had better keep
c) was keeping
d) was able to keep
e) is keeping

Answer : e) is keeping

A: Hopefully, Peter booked the tickets for us yesterday.
B: He ————— them yesterday. The booking office is closed on Saturdays.
A: Oh well, I’m sure he’ll order them tomorrow then.

a) had better not book
b) hasn’t booked
c) couldn’t have booked
d) needn’t have booked
e) wasn’t supposed to book

Answer : c) couldn’t have booked

A: I didn’t think Paul and Sam were coming to the picnic.
B: They ————— their minds.
A: Well, it’s nice to see them again.

a) would rather change
b) used to change
c) must have changed
d) should have changed
e) had better change

Answer : c) must have changed

I’m glad that I ————— hard to persuade my parents because they were already keen on the idea.

a) ought not to try
b) didn’t need to try
c) needn’t have tried
d) mustn’t try
e) wasn’t able to try

Answer : b) didn’t need to try

When it was completed, the Eiffel Tower ————— the tallest building in the world, but now there are many others which are taller than the Eiffel Tower.

a) would be
b) must be
c) used to be
d) was
e) has been

Answer : d) was

Cats are very alert to any movement. For this reason they will pounce when a victim ————— but ————— prey that remains still.

a) can move/couldn’t attack
b) is moving/shouldn’t attack
c) has moved/aren’t attacking
d) moved/don’t attack
e) moves/may not attack

Answer : e) moves/may not attack

When I lived in England, I ————— Indian food several times a month, but here in Istanbul it’s virtually impossible to find.

a) shall eat
b) would eat
c) ought to eat
d) have eaten
e) had eaten

Answer : b) would eat

A: Mrs Parkinson ————— three accidents in the last month.
B: She ————— a very careful driver, then.
A: Couldn’t it have been just bad luck?

a) was having/can’t be
b) has/shouldn’t be
c) has had/must not be
d) is having/wasn’t
e) used to have/isn’t

Answer : c) has had/must not be

The weather is awful again today. Let’s look in the newspaper. There ————— a good film showing at the cinema.

a) can be
b) had to be
c) would rather be
d) might be
e) should have been

Answer : d) might be

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


Cellulose is indigestible by humans, but herbivores, such as cows and horses, ————— it because they retain it long enough for digestion by microorganisms present in their digestive systems.

a) can digest
b) have to digest
c) used to digest
d) have digested
e) ought to digest

Answer : a) can digest

You ————— all your holiday money on the first day. You will need some for the rest of the week.

a) didn’t use to spend
b) mustn’t spend
c) don’t spend
d) might not spend
e) haven’t spent

Answer : b) mustn’t spend

Using lasers to produce extremely short and repeatable pulses of light, today scientists ————— events happening in time intervals as short as l. trillionth of a second.

a) must have measured
b) were measuring
c) used to measure
d) may have measured
e) are able to measure

Answer : e) are able to measure

Living cells exist in a variety of shapes; for example, they ————— cube-shaped or flat.

a) may be
b) must be
c) were
d) have been
e) ought to be

Answer : a) may be

We ————— the football match on television yesterday, but we ————— because there was a power cut.

a) should be watching/may not
b) were supposed to watch/haven’t
c) were going to watch/couldn’t
d) had better watch/needn’t
e) were watching/aren’t

Answer : c) were going to watch/couldn’t

Oh no, look at the sign! We ————— here. These spaces are for doctors and emergency patients only.

a) needn’t have parked
b) won’t be parking
c) haven’t got to park
d) aren’t supposed to park
e) couldn’t have parked

Answer : d) aren’t supposed to park

You ————— your children some freedom; otherwise, they will resent you.

a) used to allow
b) must allow
c) have allowed
d) allow
e) are able to allow

Answer : b) must allow

It’s not easy learning Turkish at home. Do you think I ————— an evening course?

a) must have taken
b) have taken
c) should take
d) had to take
e) used to take

Answer : c) should take

refused to give my son any money for the ‘Mega Death’ sweatshirt he wants to buy, but I’m sure he’ll try to get some from his grandmother. I’d really rather she ————— him the money, because I don’t want him to wear such an awful thing.

a) didn’t lend
b) won’t lend
c) not to lend
d) not lending
e) had better not lend

Answer : a) didn’t lend

He ————— safety goggles, but he wasn’t land, as a result, the hot steel badly damaged his eyes.

a) could have been wearing
b) must have been wearing
c) had been wearing
d) should be wearing
e) ought to have been wearing

Answer : e) ought to have been wearing

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


I————— my car last week if I had accepted James’ offer. He offered me two thousand dollars for it, but I wanted more.

a) used to sell
b) could have sold
c) had sold
d) may have sold
e) was able to sell

Answer : b) could have sold

In parts of Africa women still————— water a long way to their villages.

a) used to carry
b) might carry
c) could have carried
d) have to carry
e) must have carried

Answer : d) have to carry

Why did yon bother so much trying to change your money? You ————— it, you know, as they accept US dollars in Mexico.

a) couldn’t have changed
b) haven’t changed
c) didn’t use to change
d) needn’t have changed
e) can’t change

Answer : d) needn’t have changed

I’d rather ————— the match on television than here in the pouring rain. I’m sure we’ll all catch a cold!

a) I watched
b) have watched
c) to watch
d) to have watched
e) be watching

Answer : e) be watching

You knew that we had to walk a long way today, so you really ————— those high heeled shoes. You only have yourself to blame for your aching feet.

a) don’t have to wear
b) must not have worn
c) shouldn’t have worn
d) might not wear
e) can’t have worn

Answer : c) shouldn’t have worn

I think Victoria ————— to the party, although she really wants to, because she is flying to Paris the next day and has to pack her things.

a) may not come
b) couldn’t come
c) wouldn’t come
d) didn’t come
e) must not come

Answer : a) may not come

You ————— this report to the managing director personally. Do you understand?

a) would sooner hand
b) would like to hand
c) may have handed
d) are to hand
e) have handed

Answer : d) are to hand

You ————— for the cocktail party after the conference if you are worried about arriving home late.

a) needn’t have stayed
b) don’t have to stay
c) haven’t stayed
d) weren’t able to stay
e) didn’t use to stay

Answer : b) don’t have to stay

He ————— handball quite often, but his new job requires him to travel a lot now. so he doesn’t have time any more.

a) must have played
b) has to play
c) should be playing
d) could have played
e) used to play

Answer : e) used to play

Would you mind ————— your cigarette smoke in my face? It is getting on my nerves.

a) not to blow
b) didn’t blow
c) not blowing
d) haven’t blown
e) not blow

Answer : c) not blowing

Modals Quiz II

Modals Quiz II


Ton ————— your jacket on a clothes hanger and not leave it on the chair. You’ll crease it!

a) must have hung
b) would hang
c) may hang
d) ought to hang
e) will have hung

Answer : d) ought to hang

It is a long journey and there may not be any restaurants on the way. You ————— something before you leave.

a) might have eaten
b) would eat
c) had better eat
d) are able to eat
e) must have eaten

Answer : c) had better eat

I knew that Marcus didn’t have much money, but he has just bought a new car. He ————— the money from someone.

a) could borrow
b) must have borrowed
c) would rather have borrowed
d) is able to borrow
e) is supposed to borrow

Answer : b) must have borrowed

————— I get some plates while you are cutting the cake?

a) Do
b) Let
c) Shall
d) Did
e) Would

Answer : c) Shall

We ————— anything tonight. We ————— the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner party.

a) didn’t cook/used to eat
b) must not have cooked/will eat
c) won’t have cooked/should eat
d) might not cook/would’ eat
e) needn’t cook/can eat

Answer : e) needn’t cook/can eat

As a comedian he is no longer appreciated but ten years ago people ————— at his jokes.

a) used to laugh
b) have been laughing
c) are used to laughing
d) have laughed
e) had laughed

Answer : a) used to laugh

My dictionary isn’t in its usual place; someone ————— it.

a) should be borrowed
b) can borrow
c) might borrow
d) must have borrowed
e) ought to borrow

Answer : d) must have borrowed

I ————— travel by coach to Istanbul last week because the airline pilots were on strike.

a) ought to
b) need to
c) had to
d) am to
e) should

Answer : c) had to

You —————————— your doctor before you started dieting.

a) might consult
b) can consult
c) have to consult
d) should have consulted
e) have consulted

Answer : d) should have consulted

You ————— wear jeans or trainers at a formal gathering. It wouldn’t be right.

a) needn’t
b) don’t have to
c) might not
d) weren’t able to
e) mustn’t

Answer : e) mustn’t

Modals Quiz II

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